About NextGenPath Diagnostics

NextGenPath Diagnostics is an advanced diagnostic center that exclusively focuses on histopathology and its subspecialities viz., neuromuscular pathology, surgical neuropathology, transplant pathology, renal pathology, gastrointestinal pathology, pancreatic and hepatobiliary pathology, dermatopathology, lymphoreticular pathology, infectious diseases pathology, cardiovascular pathology, bone and soft tissue pathology, head and neck pathology, breast pathology, endocrine pathology, ocular pathology, pediatric pathology, pulmonary pathology, urogenital pathology, frozen section pathology, ultrastructural pathology (electron microscopy) and molecular pathology. We have an enthusiastic team spearheaded by a super specialist in histopathology, highly skilled technical staff who perform complex special stains, immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence, enzyme histochemistry etc., and personnel to ensure sample collection. NextGenPath Diagnostics is probably the only standalone private diagnostic center in India to handle all the advanced histopathology services under one roof.