Cardiovascular Pathology

  • NextGenPath Diagnostics handles a broad range of biopsies and resections of heart and vascular system.
  • Cardiovascular pathology is a rare subspecialty of Histopathology, which needs interpretation by an expert cardiovascular pathologist.
  • Method of sending the biopsy to our lab: Biopsy and resection specimens of heart and blood vessels to be sent in 10% neutral buffered formalin and interventional images/reports wherever feasible.
  • Samples are received 24x7 on all days.
  • Request form for cardiovascular biopsy/resection – Click HERE to download.
  • Learning is a continuous process and we believe that teaching and publishing relevant research are the greatest contributions to the society apart from our patient care services.
  • NextGenPath Archives serves as an excellent freely available online resource for case-based learning of cardiovascular pathology.