• Myopathology

    A Practical Clinico-pathological Approach to Skeletal Muscle Biopsies Springer Publications, 2019.

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Original Articles

  • Prostatic hyperplasia in acromegaly, a myth or reality: a case-control study.

    Kumar S, Yadav RN, Gupta P, Gaspar BL, Kakkar N, Verma A, Parthan G, Bhansali A, Mukherjee KK, Korbonits M, Dutta P.

    Eur J Endocrinol. 2015;172:97-106. (Impact factor: 5.107; Citations: 7).
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  • Outcome of urethroplasty after parenteral testosterone in children with distal hypospadias.

    Menon P, Rao KLN, Handu A, Balan L, Kakkar N.

    J Pediatr Urol. 2017;13:292.e1-292.e7. (Impact factor: 1.736; Citations: 4).
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  • Clathrin-mediated endocytic uptake of PUFA enriched self-nanoemulsifying lipidic systems (SNELS) of an anticancer drug against triple negative cancer and DMBA induced preclinical tumor model.

    Khurana RK, Kumar R, Gaspar BL, Welsby G, Welsby P, Kesharwani P, Katare OP, Singh KK, Singh B.

    Mater Sci Eng C Mater Biol Appl. 2018;91:645-658. (Impact factor: 4.959; Citations: 1).
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  • Improving the biopharmaceutical attributes of mangiferin using vitamin E-TPGS co-loaded self-assembled phospholipidic nano- mixed micellar systems.

    Khurana RK, Gaspar BL, Welsby G, Katare OP, Singh KK, Singh B.

    Drug Deliv Transl Res.2018;8:617-632. (Impact factor: 3.111; Citations: 5).
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  • Unique characteristics of leukocyte volume, conductivity and scatter in chronic myeloid leukemia.

    Gaspar BL, Sharma P, Varma N, Bihana I, Malhotra P, Varma S, Dmitry S, Elena Sukhacheva E, Naseem S.

    Biomedical Journal. 2019;42:93-98. (Impact factor: 2.301; Citations: 1).
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Review Articles

  • Anemia in malignancies: pathogenetic and diagnostic considerations.

    Gaspar BL, Sharma P, Das R.

    Hematology. 2015;20:18-25. (Impact factor: 1.318; Citations: 38)
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  • The significance of Sarcina in routine surgical pathology practice.

    Gaspar BL.

    APMIS. 2016;124:436-43. (Impact factor: 2.225; Citations: 12)
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  • The Diagnostic Dilemma of Neurolymphomatosis.

    Shree R, Goyal MK, Modi M, Gaspar BL, Radotra BD, Ahuja CK, Mittal BR, Prakash G.

    J Clin Neurol. 2016;12:274-281. (Impact factor: 2.630; Citations: 17)
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  • Gallbladder tuberculosis camouflaging as gallbladder cancer–case series and review focussing on treatment.

    Krishnamurthy G, Singh H, Rajendran J, Sharma V, Yadav TD, Gaspar BL, Vasishta RK, Singh R.

    Ther Adv Infect Dis. 2016;3:152-157 (Citations: 6)
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Case Reports and Correspondence

  • Granular ALL in an Elderly Woman Diagnosed by Flow Cytometric Immunophenotyping.

    Louis GB, Sharma P, Varma N, Varma S.

    Indian J Hematol Blood Transfus. 2015;31:156-8. (Impact factor: 0.869).
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  • Sarcina infection.

    Louis GB, Singh P, Vaiphei K.

    BMJ Case Rep. 2014 Jan 13;2014. pii: bcr2013201185. doi: 10.1136/bcr-2013-201185. (Citations: 9)
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  • An unusual ampullary adenocarcinoma with Paneth cell and mucinous differentiation.

    Gaspar BL, Gupta K, Gupta R, Kang M.

    Pathology. 2015;47:472-5. (Impact factor: 3.163; Citations: 1)
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  • Gangliocytic Paraganglioma With Atypical Immunohistochemical Features Presenting as Extrahepatic Biliary Obstruction.

    Sharma S, Gaspar BL, Kumar P, Yadav TD, Vasishta RK.

    Int J Surg Pathol. 2015;23:561-6. (Impact factor: 0.975; Citations: 2)
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  • Lipid-Rich Carcinoma of the Breast With Unusual Clinical and Histopathological Features.

    Gaspar BL, Kumar M, Gupta R, Garg R, Singh R, Vasishta RK.

    Int J Surg Pathol. 2016;24:538-42. (Impact factor: 0.975)
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  • Sebaceous cell carcinoma developing in epidermodysplasia verruciformis.

    Kambhampati SB, Vinay K, De D, Handa S, Gaspar BL, Saikia UN.

    Indian J Dermatol Venereol Leprol. 2016;82:433-5. (Impact factor: 3.03; Citations: 2)
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  • An Unusual Cause of Central Diabetes Insipidus in a Young Female.

    KDS Jarial, A Hajela, A Rastogi, K Gupta, LB Gaspar, A Bhansali, et al.

    JCEP. 2014;4:192.
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  • Gastric Signet Ring Cell Carcinoma presenting as Obstructive Uropathy: A Diagnostic Conundrum - Conference Report.

    N Kakkar, SC Varma, BL Gaspar, SK Singh, A Lal, KL Gupta.

    JPMER. 2015;49:52-58.
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  • Aspergillus pseudomembranous tracheobronchitis in an immunocompetent individual: A diagnostic conundrum with therapeutic challenge.

    Gaspar BL, Agarwal R, Gupta K.

    Lung India. 2016;33:550-552. (Citations: 2).
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  • A rare case of eyelid sarcoidosis presenting as an orbital mass.

    Gaspar BL, Gupta K, Singh U.

    Indian J Ophthalmol. 2016;64:244-5. (Impact factor: 0.967; Citations: 2).
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  • Amyloid myopathy: an underdiagnosed entity.

    Gaspar BL, Singh R, Mehta S, Goyal MK, Modi M, Lal V, Radotra BD, Vasishta RK.

    Neurol India. 2016;64:1052-5. (Impact factor: 3.163; Citations: 2).
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  • A closer look into blood group discrepancy arising due to an underlying malignancy.

    Subramaniyan R, Gaspar BL.

    Rev Bras Hematol Hemoter. 2016;38:361-363.
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  • Localized SAA amyloidosis with intra-axonal intra-myelin amyloid deposits.

    Gaspar BL, Garg C, Vasishta RK, Nada R, Goyal MK.

    Pathology. 2017;49:103-105. ((Impact factor: 3.163; Citations: 1).
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  • Endomysial germinal centers in Hashimoto thyroiditis with myopathic symptoms.

    Gaspar BL, Singh S, Radotra BD, Goyal MK, Vasishta RK.

    Pathology. 2017;49:97-100. (Impact factor: 3.163; Citations: 1).
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  • Primary giant cell tumor of the female breast: a diagnostic red herring with therapeutic implications.

    Gaspar BL, Sharma S, Singh R, Vasishta RK.

    APMIS. 2017;125:32-37. (Impact factor: 2.225; Citations: 3)
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  • Pathogenic Sarcina in urine.

    Karthik BK, Gaspar BL, MUS Sachdeva.

    BMJ Case Rep. 2016 (Citations: 3).
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  • Nuclear third nerve palsy as a presenting manifestation of breast carcinoma.

    Das B, Wilson V, Mehta S, Gaspar BL, Lal V.

    Neurol India. 2016;64:1052-5. (Impact factor: 2.708; Citations: 1)
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  • Pigmented intraventricular tumor in a young adult.

    Gupta K, Gaspar BL, Salunke P, Rayat C.

    Neuropathology. 2017;37:375-78. (Impact factor: 2.161)
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  • Erdheim-Chester disease with unusual clinicopathological features complicated by DRESS syndrome, disseminated Cytomegalovirus infection and hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis.

    Gaspar BL, Vasishta RK, Das R, Bhalla A.

    APMIS. 2017; 125:665-76 (Impact factor: 2.225)
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  • Calf Muscles Hypertrophy in sarcoglycanopathy.

    Choudhary A, Goyal M, Modi M, Radotra BD, Vasishta RK, Gaspar BL.

    JPMER. 2017;51:40-41.
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  • Infectious causes of Addison's disease: 1 organ-2 organism!

    Muhammed H, Nampoothiri RV, Gaspar BL, Jain S.

    BMJ Case Rep. 2018 (Citations: 1).
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  • A 39-Year-Old Gentleman with Headache, Visual Blurring and a Renal Mass.

    Gaspar BL, Gupta K, Singh AP, Salunke P.

    Brain Pathol. 2018;28:301-302. (Impact factor: 6.624)
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  • Necklace body myopathy: A rare entity.

    Choudhary A, Bansal S, Balan LG, Goyal M, Modi M.

    Neurol India. 2018;66:841-842. (Impact factor: 2.708; Citations: 1)
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  • Muscle biopsy: A boon for diagnosis of mitochondrial parkinsonism in developing countries.

    Shree R, Mehta S, Goyal MK, Gaspar BL, Lal V.

    Ann Indian Acad Neurol. 2019;22:228-230.
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  • A Novel Homozygous Nonsense HYDIN Gene Mutation p.(Arg951*) in Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia.

    Benjamin AT, Ganesh R, Gaspar BL, et al.

    Indian J Pediatr. 2019;86:664-665. (Impact factor: 1.136; Citations: 1).
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  • A novel homozygous variant of RYR1 p.Ala3072Asp in a neonate with dusty core disease: A new entity with clinico-pathological implications.

    Gaspar BL.

    Neuropathology. 2020 Accepted for publication (Impact factor: 2.161).
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